International Summer School of Russian Language - ISSRL

Аbout the course

Аbout the course


The summer intensive Russian language course in Kharkiv will be realized under the auspices of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» and the NGO «MultiKultiUA». The project will be held every year from 1 to 30 August. All participants in the project will intensively study the Russian language on a daily basis (phonetics, idioms and linguistics, grammar and conversation). As well, all participants will be offered a very rich cultural, education and social program. The students within the project are able to meet with government officials, diplomats, public figures, and also to conduct a variety of different tours and trips to theaters, museums and concerts.

Funding: The program expenses will account for a total of 800 Euro (300 Euro will be covered by NGO «MultiKultiUA»500 Euro will have to be paid by the participants themselves).

The costs include:

The costs do not include:

The initiator and main coordinator of the project is Sergey Savitsky, chairman of the NGO «MultiKultiUA».



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